Saphier Regina: Jég, Menta, MOOCs avagy “Virgin Mojito” Online

Az Önszerveződés Lehetőségei, Egyes Fogalmai és Eszközei az Online Tanulás Korában …
avagy Hogyan Szabadítsuk Ki Gyermekeinket a Pocsék Oktatási Rendszerből… és egyéb (konzervatívok, konformisták és képmutatók számára) felháborító gondolatok…


Free Ivy League course as a historic birthday present

I completed all my Gamification coursework (4 tests, 3 essays, 15 peer reviews, forum discussions, and even the final exam) via Coursera today (produced by The Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania in the US). This fun and educational Gamification course was 6 weeks long, excellent and completely free. (As usual, my … Continue reading

My Coursera profile

Here is my Coursera profile, with the complete list of my selected courses. Right now I have insight into six Coursera courses, and clearly the best course is Gamification, and the best professor is Kevin Werbach. Just posted this today via the Gamification Group on Facebook: “Well, I observed six courses via Coursera and for … Continue reading

Comments I made in a comparative discussion

The second paragraph is my initial comparative post that I used to start a discussion about two Coursera professors, Kearns and Werbach, and their (respectively) unsuccessful and immediately successful adjustment to the pioneering Coursera MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform. It is not about these two people, not a personal thing, it is about my … Continue reading