Saphier Regina: A Diploma Halála

Saphier Regina: A Statikus Diplomák Halála – A Dinamikus és Digitális Értékelési Módszerek Születése Jött egy ritka igénytelen hozzászólás az egyik fórumon, úgyhogy gyorsan összedobtam egy tömör blogot. Az illető a “Mi leszel, ha MOOC leszel?” című írásomra reagált (önmagát trénerként, eLearning szakértőként, és tartalom íróként határozza meg a LinkedIn-en). Ezt írta (változtatás nélkül közlöm): … Continue reading

Regina Saphier: The Anatomy of a LinkedIn Comment Thread on Coursera

I believe John’s title is misleading, Laurie Pickard will compile MBA worthy coursework via MOOCs, like Coursera, a smart decision in my opinion, but most readers managed to miss the key points of his article precisely because they could not get over the sensationalizing nature of the headline, and because most of them have no clue about Coursera and MOOCs. It was all about getting readers rather limited attention, but a more precise headline would have been more productive (not sure who came up with the new title of his previously published article). Below I am going to incorporate the thread that unfolded after I commented on this article supportively and at the end I am going to talk about society’s futile resistance to change in the cyber age.

Regina Saphier: Gross National Income… “developing” and “developed” countries… and Coursera.

Regina Saphier: Gross National Income… “developing” and “developed” countries… and Coursera. I have been asked about the challenges that Coursera-like MOOC models face in Developing Countries. In fact thank you for the interesting questions that you send me via e-mail (each time from international readers I have never met and I have never spoken to, … Continue reading

Regina Saphier: What “The Digital Skeptic” forgot to mention

Regina Saphier: What “The Digital Skeptic” forgot to mention He says among other things (in his article “The Digital Skeptic: Online Education Fails Economics“): “Like other hip, free Web brands, the service has passionate advocates. “Coursera is the change I have been waiting for in online higher education for 10 years,” a Columbia University grad … Continue reading

My Alma Mater, Columbia University is joining Coursera!

Just got the news, that in accordance with my expectations, Columbia University (my alma mater) is joining Coursera, among many other wonderful and wold class universities. I hope that Columbia is going to offer many more courses soon, because right now the two offer options are rather minimal… A letter from Coursera today announced: “… … Continue reading