Regina Saphier: Unnoticeable* Mobile Learning

Spread the learning in time and space via mobile technology, create the culture of learning and sharing, and use the in person training time more effectively for something truly creative. Flip the training!


Regina Saphier: Get Credit for Everything You Ever Learn

Lately, I am startup hunting and mentoring online (I am a complete outlier in my immediate environment), and so I am observing new and promising organizations every day, globally. While other people read the local news full of hopelessly repetitive stupidity, I am reading global startup news and that is very interesting, never boring. Unsurprisingly, I noticed that Degreed got a bit of funding for actual growth and development, plus added a new COO. Congratulations to the core team of Degreed! Keep up the good work!

Regina Saphier: The Anatomy of a LinkedIn Comment Thread on Coursera

I believe John’s title is misleading, Laurie Pickard will compile MBA worthy coursework via MOOCs, like Coursera, a smart decision in my opinion, but most readers managed to miss the key points of his article precisely because they could not get over the sensationalizing nature of the headline, and because most of them have no clue about Coursera and MOOCs. It was all about getting readers rather limited attention, but a more precise headline would have been more productive (not sure who came up with the new title of his previously published article). Below I am going to incorporate the thread that unfolded after I commented on this article supportively and at the end I am going to talk about society’s futile resistance to change in the cyber age.

Regina Saphier: My dream: A “Self Driving” learning journey

Regina Saphier: My dream: A “Self Driving” learning journey   I love Coursera, even when I am focusing on other activities, like advising startups and watching Udacity’s lean startup course with Steve Blank, because it is the embodiment of something I have been waiting for. I started my Coursera blog last year specifically about my unique experiences … Continue reading

Regina Saphier: Coursera “re-Members” in Larger Numbers?

Regina Saphier: Coursera “re-Members” in Larger Numbers?   How to measure leaning without tests, quizzes, essays, deadlines and exams in the MOOC environment? I now spent months returning to the Coursera platform to view videos just for fun and the thrill of joy was in my heart still as I watched Prof. Idan Segev (the … Continue reading

Regina Saphier: Suggestions for Coursera content quality control and sudden ideas for Coursera satellite startups

Regina Saphier: Suggestions for Coursera content quality control and sudden ideas for Coursera satellite startups … MentorU I believe there are Coursera students who completed some of the Ivy level courses (either online via Coursera and via other MOOCs, or offline on Campus at different colleges and universities) and would be willing to become “peer … Continue reading

Regina Saphier: My Coursera Manifesto

Regina Saphier: My Coursera Manifesto My Coursera Manifesto How the death of open-Internet activist Aaron Swartz, the viral Warren video, Coursera and you demanding the best courses relate to each other, and how your Coursera experience is a political statement. Thank you Carol E. for confirming my opinion (that I posted on Saturday via my … Continue reading

Regina Saphier: Gross National Income… “developing” and “developed” countries… and Coursera.

Regina Saphier: Gross National Income… “developing” and “developed” countries… and Coursera. I have been asked about the challenges that Coursera-like MOOC models face in Developing Countries. In fact thank you for the interesting questions that you send me via e-mail (each time from international readers I have never met and I have never spoken to, … Continue reading

Regina Saphier: How NOT to “deliver” an online course via Coursera

Regina Saphier: How NOT to “deliver” an online course via Coursera A couple of new courses started just now on Coursera. I had a look at five and have things to say about two of them, again, one bad, one good… This time they are not from the same US university (the University of Pennsylvania), … Continue reading

Regina Saphier: Students! Ignore education policies and face the MOOCs!

Regina Saphier: Students! Ignore education policies and face the MOOCs! Students of most countries! Embrace MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and ignore your country’s education policies, unless you live in Finland. People in the business of education are already being heavily challenged by MOOCs all over the world. For example in Hungary, I am really … Continue reading

Regina Saphier: What “The Digital Skeptic” forgot to mention

Regina Saphier: What “The Digital Skeptic” forgot to mention He says among other things (in his article “The Digital Skeptic: Online Education Fails Economics“): “Like other hip, free Web brands, the service has passionate advocates. “Coursera is the change I have been waiting for in online higher education for 10 years,” a Columbia University grad … Continue reading

My Gamification Statement of Accomplishment from Coursera

I got it! I received my Gamification Statement of Accomplishment from Coursera on October 22, 2012. It was supposed to get to us by e-mail, but I kept waiting, trying to assume that it will happen, even if the system is again down for a while… but I did not get the e-mail with the … Continue reading

Free Ivy League course as a historic birthday present

I completed all my Gamification coursework (4 tests, 3 essays, 15 peer reviews, forum discussions, and even the final exam) via Coursera today (produced by The Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania in the US). This fun and educational Gamification course was 6 weeks long, excellent and completely free. (As usual, my … Continue reading

My Coursera profile

Here is my Coursera profile, with the complete list of my selected courses. Right now I have insight into six Coursera courses, and clearly the best course is Gamification, and the best professor is Kevin Werbach. Just posted this today via the Gamification Group on Facebook: “Well, I observed six courses via Coursera and for … Continue reading

Error after Error on Brilliant Coursera

I just had to post this on the Coursera Gamification facebook group wall: “My complete second essay, edited with bold key words, all of my second essay peer review efforts (I have done all 5), and my self evaluation is completely lost in the system, after I submitted them days ago…???? The page is totally … Continue reading

My Alma Mater, Columbia University is joining Coursera!

Just got the news, that in accordance with my expectations, Columbia University (my alma mater) is joining Coursera, among many other wonderful and wold class universities. I hope that Columbia is going to offer many more courses soon, because right now the two offer options are rather minimal… A letter from Coursera today announced: “… … Continue reading

Comments I made in a comparative discussion

The second paragraph is my initial comparative post that I used to start a discussion about two Coursera professors, Kearns and Werbach, and their (respectively) unsuccessful and immediately successful adjustment to the pioneering Coursera MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform. It is not about these two people, not a personal thing, it is about my … Continue reading