Regina Saphier: Get Credit for Everything You Ever Learn

Lately, I am startup hunting and mentoring online (I am a complete outlier in my immediate environment), and so I am observing new and promising organizations every day, globally. While other people read the local news full of hopelessly repetitive stupidity, I am reading global startup news and that is very interesting, never boring. Unsurprisingly, I noticed that Degreed got a bit of funding for actual growth and development, plus added a new COO. Congratulations to the core team of Degreed! Keep up the good work!


Regina Saphier: The Anatomy of a LinkedIn Comment Thread on Coursera

I believe John’s title is misleading, Laurie Pickard will compile MBA worthy coursework via MOOCs, like Coursera, a smart decision in my opinion, but most readers managed to miss the key points of his article precisely because they could not get over the sensationalizing nature of the headline, and because most of them have no clue about Coursera and MOOCs. It was all about getting readers rather limited attention, but a more precise headline would have been more productive (not sure who came up with the new title of his previously published article). Below I am going to incorporate the thread that unfolded after I commented on this article supportively and at the end I am going to talk about society’s futile resistance to change in the cyber age.

Saphier Regina: Digitális Optimizmus: Tanulj Ingyen Ivy League Szinten!

Saphier Regina: Digitális Optimizmus: Tanulj Ingyen Ivy League* Szinten! (This post is in Hungarian, in it I am introducing Coursera to Hungarians in hungarian.) *”Az Ivy League (Borostyán Liga) eredetileg nyolc magánegyetem sportszövetsége az Egyesült Államok északkeleti területén. Manapság már ez a név azt a nyolc egyetemet jelenti, melyek magas színvonalukról híresek, ezek Észak-Amerika elit felsőfokú iskolái.” … Continue reading