My Coursera profile

Here is my Coursera profile,

with the complete list of my selected courses.

Right now I have insight into six Coursera courses, and clearly

the best course is Gamification, and

the best professor is Kevin Werbach.

Just posted this today via the Gamification Group on Facebook:

“Well, I observed six courses via Coursera and for me the top course is Gamification and the top professor is Kevin Werbach. M. F., you should start your own blog, you are really emotionally expressive in your writing. You wrote beautifully and made me smile. I feel what you feel. What I also feel is that I might have to wait a long time to find a course like Gamification and a professor like Kevin Werbach via Coursera. I have a long list of courses that I subscribed to. Hope to find another topic close to my mind with another professor so good at teaching via this new platform online. And no other course has such communicative and active members…”

Kevin Werbach

I also added:

“I am not taking Finance, but I looked at Gautam Kaul, mentioned by I., and this man appears to be the only human on Earth who could teach Finance in a humanistic way. 🙂 (And I actually studied Finance at a Business School in the past… the professor was terrible there, so I should know.) If you are interested in Finance, have a look at the video here:


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