My NEW Coursera Blog

“As Courserians, we should act as if having dinner in a fine all you can eat running sushi restaurant… Eat what you like. Do not eat, what you do not like.” This is my line from a Coursera facebook group discussion (started and moderated by me under Gamification). I am going to write about my Coursera experiences. I am going to analyze the issues too… Right now Gamification is the best among the several courses I am enrolled in. For me the goal is familiarity with the platform, and gaining professional insight… Next in line is learning of course (just for fun). Finally, I might even get a certificate in one of the courses (but this is not a goal in my case, with a considerable degree collection already). Some of you might know that I am also a TED conference blogger, so I am staying in the area of online education, but the topic now is MOOC.


Tell me what you think!

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